Crop Solutions

Corn and Pro Farm fertiliser solutions is a cost-efficient combination. Through farm trials, significant yield increases have been recorded and key factors items such as plantstand and NDVI has been improved.

Wheat is a magnificent collection of around 25,000 different types. Dominated by two sub-groups, hexaploid bread wheat and tetraploid durum wheat. Older types such as einkorn and spelt have made a successful re-entry in recent years.

Barley has been a companion to humankind over the last 10 000 years. Globally, Barley is the fourth largest crop with an estimated annual world production of 144M tonnes. The average harvest is just under 3 tonnes per hectare (FAOSTAT, 2014)

Rapeseed with its comparatively high-value only requires a few percent yield increase to go input profitable with Pro Farm fertilizer solutions. We have conducted a few scientific tests, but Pro Farm's first oilseed trial was done by an Estonian farmer struggling against the elements.

Sorghum and Pro Farm fertiliser solutions go hand in hand. We have multiple years of trial data and are continuing the optimisation together with crop specialists, especially in the US.

The first field trial Pro Farm ever conducted was with soybean and we have continued ever after. Very positive year on year results make soybean an excellent crop together with Pro Farm fertilizer solution.

Sugar beet responds very well to our mineral fertilizer. Depending on application methods we have seen between 12 to 22% yield increase with sustained sugar levels (field tests 2016). The foliar fertilizer is easily applied together with your existing fertilizer programme.