Pro Farm products are truly unique with its backbone, at a molecular level, of carefully selected high-quality humic substances bonded with vital plant nutrients. It is not another mix of multiple compounds. We produce, in our proprietary process,  a molecular level complex that contains nutrients in its matrix.

Pro Farm product's core raw material is derived from lignin - nature's second most common biopolymer after cellulose. The backbone and delivery mechanism is derived from renewable resources from the forestry industry.  Through our proprietary manufacturing process, we produce a molecular level complex that contains macro- and micronutrients in its matrix. The nutrient composition and novel nutrient delivery mechanism are engineered to have an overall positive effect on the plant physiology. This, in a natural way, mitigates adverse effects of abiotic stress and improves both yield and quality properties of the crop - especially under less favourable conditions.



Comparing Pro Farm products against other agrochemicals or fertilizers is a challenging task due to our manufacturing process. We share some basic ideas with other products; chelated micronutrients and humic substances. However, whilst most other similar products are physical mixtures of different nutrients and substances our product is one molecule level complex. 

In our Pro Farm molecule, using an array of chelation mechanisms and agents, inorganic nutrients are included in an organic molecule easily absorbed by the plant. In this co-polymer lies the true reasons behind the effectiveness, bioactivity and proactivity of Pro Farm products.

Pro Farm products are designed to be easy to use with existing farming technologies. The majority of product is highly concentrated dry powder. Drying the product reduces logistics costs and improves shelf life. 



US 9738567 B1