UBP-110 is water soluble organic-mineral fertilizer for foliar application. It contains fulvic and humic substances, derived from wood, and a highly efficient combination of chelated macro and microelements.

  • UBP is a new type of fertiliser product for crop protection and increased yields.
  • Optimal protection for plants against stress.
  • Easy to use and compatible with most common agrochemicals.
  • UBP gives up to 10% to 35% yield increase and improved crop quality.
  • Non-toxic, economical and easy to use

UBP provides maximum exploitation of yield potential and crop strengthening under stress situations such as pests and diseases, extreme climatic conditions and adverse soil conditions like inappropriate pH, salinity, low nutrient content, light soils etc. 

UBP is fast and completely water soluble and compatible (mix and spray) with common pesticides, herbicides, fungicides.

Typical use: two or three foliar applications.

Package size
1kg bag x 10 in cardboard box
20kg bag