Trials and testing

In the field

At Pro Farm, we put a lot of energy and resources into field testing. We prefer to test our products in real farming environments, head-to-head with local best current practices. We work together with world-leading independent scientific testing specialists and in parallel, we run many more farmer trials where the farmer work together with us. These tests are focused on a number of measurables such as yield, crop and soil quality parameters and the performance under different treatment schedules. They also bring economic data. Demonstrable economic return on input investment is key, both to us and to the farming community. The general yield performance data that we publish is always from field trials conducted in a farming-like environment.  

You will find the field trial results under Crop Solutions


In the laboratory

We also conduct a lot of laboratory testing. It could be controlled greenhouse growing to identify a crop specific treatment schedule, plant content analysis to determine a specific mode of action or general product testing. We have taken away the confidentiality stamp of some of our ongoing projects and will make reports available here as well as some of the external project where our products play a role.

As in any science-driven organisation, there will always be more questions than answers. Somewhat daunting. However, a new question is also a step forward