Wheat is a magnificent collection of around 25,000 different types. Dominated by two sub-groups, hexaploid bread wheat and tetraploid durum wheat. Older types such as einkorn and spelt have made a successful re-entry in recent years.

Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat should receive a seed treatment to give a good foundation for germination. During the fall at GS12-14 a foliar treatment should be applied. The applications will have a positive effect on the root system and improve plantstand providing a more favourable start on the vegetative spring season. During early spring one more spray should be applied during vegetative stage GS 30-32.

Spring Wheat

Seed treatment and two foliar applications in the vegetative stages. Typically the first foliar treatment is applied in GS12-14 and the second treatment in GS30-32. 

Only foliar applications?

Unless pre-treated seeds are available, seed treatment might not always be viable. Our field trials suggest that only adding foliar applications will have a positive effect, especially in situations with higher abiotic stress levels.

Winter wheat with one foliar application
Winter wheat with only one foliar application.