Sorghum and Pro Farm fertiliser solutions go hand in hand. We have multiple years of trial data and are continuing the optimisation together with crop specialists, especially in the US. With a long growing season, a lot can happen and mitigating stress reactions with our solutions create healthier and higher-yielding plants.

Our field trials suggest excellent yield increases with a full treatment (seed and foliar) and good with only three foliar sprays. On the journey from sowing to harvest the trials show:

  • Significantly increased plant stand 
  • Improvement in plant vigour
  • Healthy yield increase

Plantstand is naturally a key to better harvests. Seed treatment gives the plant an excellent platform but also the first foliar spray in stage 1 has a significant positive impact on the plant stand. In Illinois 2016, there was more than 10% higher plant stand with treated seeds against the control. Plant vigour is improved, notably through the foliar treatments. 

The final harvest winners in 2015-16 in Uruguay and Illinois (US) were both with treated seeds and multiple sprays. The increased harvest was in Uruguay 1.1 tonne per hectare (18 bushels/ac) and in Illinois, 1.5 tonnes per hectare (24.7 bushels/ac) both hovering around +25%.