Rapeseed with its comparatively high-value only requires a few percent yield increase to go input profitable with Pro Farm fertilizer solutions. We have conducted a few scientific tests, but Pro Farm's first oilseed trial was done by an Estonian farmer struggling against the elements.

The farmer had not only lost his winter crop, but also the spring crop refused to come up due to drought. Desperately late in the season, he planted spring rapeseed and added Pro Farm fertiliser program to his regular inputs. This third attempt went well, and harvest was good. The good results made us pursue more field data concerning rapeseed.

On-farm seed treatment with rapeseed is quite uncommon (please, let us know if you are ) and for our field trials to replicate reality we only ran the foliar sprays on the rapeseed field trials of 2017.  

With winter rapeseed the first foliar application should be applied in the rosette phase with two or three foliar applications in during the spring. The second spray at the beginning of vegetation, as early as possible. The third foliar follows about 28 days later. If there is significant stress in the fields, a fourth spray can be added approximately ten days after the third. Always apply the last foliar before blossoming.