Barley has been a companion to humankind over the last 10 000 years. Globally, Barley is the fourth largest crop with an estimated annual world production of 144M tonnes. The average harvest is just under 3 tonnes per hectare (FAOSTAT, 2014)

Winter Barley

Winter Barley should receive a seed treatment to give a good foundation for germination. During the fall a foliar treatment should be applied at growth stage Z12-14. This will have a positive effect on the root system and improve plantstand providing a more successful start on the vegetative spring season. During early spring one or two foliar sprays should be applied during vegetative stages.


Spring Barley

Seed treatment and two foliar applications in the vegetative stages. Typically the first foliar treatment is applied in Z12-14 and the second treatment in Z30-32. 

Spring barley with Pro Farm seed treatment
Spring Barley, Estonia 2016 Seed treated